DIY Indian Head Massage

DIY Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been an Ayurvedic staple for over 4000 years. Mentioned in the original transcripts, it’s been used to heal and soothe throughout the ages.

Today, Indian Head Massage is used by many practitioners to tackle the stresses of modern life.  Anxiety, ill health, and inflammation can all be eased, so it’s well placed as a well being tool.

It works by:

·        Stimulating the lymphatic system

·        Easing tension in the neck and shoulders

·        Reducing pressure headaches

·        Increasing blood flow

·        Reducing knots

Best of all, it can be used in your own home, by yourself whenever you need it, with some simple DIY tips and tricks.

You can double up the effectiveness of your treatment by warming some Amla in coconut or sesame oil. Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, is used to add shine and promote health for your hair at the same time.  

The routine:

  1. Grip about an inch of hair at the roots and gently tug from side to side, keeping your knuckles very close to the scalp. A twisting motion makes this easier, but be careful not to pull or snap the hair
  2. Push in wide, slow circles at the temples with the heels of the hands
  3. Looking down, squeeze and massage the back of the neck. Begin at the top of the neck and work your way down, first with one hand and then with the other hand.
  4. Place the thumb of your left hand under the base of your head and relax the area using a rubbing motion left to right. Switch sides after about two minutes.
  5. Place your left hand on your right shoulder and gently squeeze the shoulder from the clavicle. Work your way outwards along your shoulder to your arm and then down as far as your elbow. Repeat x2, then switch sides
  6. Gently use your thumbs and forefingers to apply pressure to the scalp and temple for up to ten seconds on each area. This helps release tension.
  7. Finally, rub lightly with your hands all over the head; extend this movement to cover your face. You can use these movements without oil. If possible, allow a few minutes afterwards to relax.

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