Herbal Hair Colour Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s Pure herbal hair dye is simple to use – just mix the powder with warm water to a yoghurt-like consistency and apply. Cover your hair with the cap provided and wait for the colour to develop. The amount of time it needs to be left on varies with each shade from 30mins to 4 hours, so follow the full instructions in your individual pack carefully. The colour often develops further over a couple of days as it oxidises.

One pack of herbal hair colour powder is usually enough for shoulder-length hair. Very thick hair will need more, or if your hair is very fine you’ll need less.

Have a look at the above colour chart or use our colour tool here. Please note though that the final colour depends on your initial hair colour, your hair structure and the exposure time. A darker colour can be achieved with repeated applications. We recommend testing on a strand of hair first, before applying to all your hair.

No, they will not lighten your hair as they do not contain peroxide.

Many customers have successfully used our hair colours on top of chemical dyed hair, but you have to be careful because it will affect the way the colour takes and the colour could be unpredictable and not what you expected. The following points should be considered: 1. It is best to wait 5 or 6 weeks after a chemical dye. 2. It is important to strand test the chemical dyed hair first to check that the colour is what you want before putting on your full head of hair. 3. If your hair is bleached it is especially important to strand test because bleach changes your hair structure and makes it more porous and so the colour can appear more brassy or go a strange colour.

It is usually OK to use a deposit only, darkening chemical hair dye on top however you still have to careful that the colour is as you would expect. It is best to wait 5 or 6 weeks after the natural hair colour and strand test to check the colour is what you would expect. It is not recommended to use chemical bleach on hair that has been dyed with a herbal hair colour containing indigo, i.e. black or brown shades or indigo itself, unless it has faded or grown out. This is because bleach will not remove indigo so you may possibly be left with a bluish colour. If you do want to try it please strand test first.

During chemotherapy or pregnancy, we would advise you must check with your doctor if it is OK for you to use them. Our hair colours are quite different to chemical dyes as they are all natural and henna based and usually doctors are fine with them but it is always good to check in case your condition is different. If you would like to show your doctor the full ingredients list of the products these are on the corresponding product pages on the website, on the packet, or alternatively we can send you a document listing the ingredients of all the hair colours we sell.

The longevity of the hair colours depend upon which shade you use and how porous your hair is. For example the hair at the roots tends to fade more quickly than the hair at the ends which is more weathered and therefore more porous. In terms of shades, the red shades are virtually permanent. The brown or black shades tend to last on average about 3 to 4 weeks on the roots, but they can become permanent on porous areas of your hair like the longer lengths of your hair.

Most of our customers use them to cover grey. They will not cover grey as strongly as chemical dyes. Where you have grey hair it will usually be a lighter colour to the rest i.e. if you have some brown and some grey hair the grey hairs will usually come out lighter than the brown hair.

Many customers who are allergic to conventional hair dye happily use It's Pure. Our hair colours are natural and henna-based, without PPD, peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol or any artificial chemicals. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not be allergic. This is the same as with many natural products, such as nuts or strawberries that people may have allergic reactions to even though they are only natural. To be sure of whether you will react to a hair colour it is best to perform a patch test 48 hours prior to putting the product on your scalp. To do a patch test, put a small amount of dye on the inside of your elbow. If any reaction occurs (itching, flakiness, redness) you may have a reaction to the hair colour.

Like our products, we would recommend using a gentle, organic shampoo, like the Gentle Herb Shampoo from Odylique.

We blend the dyes in the UK using herbs grown on fair trade and organic certified farms in India. The herbs are processed into powders using advanced technologies to deliver incredibly pure, high quality extracts, free from contaminants.

We do not advise using henna or henna-based colours to dye eyelashes or eyebrows. There’s a risk that the mixture will drip into your eyes and it would dry out during the colouring process.

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