Better for the Planet

better for planet

Traditional hair dyes are some of the most polluting cosmetics on the planet. The dyes often include harmful chemicals that are toxic to aquatic life as well as plants and soil. They come in plastic bottles which can be difficult to wash out for recycling.

It’s Pure hair dye is completely biodegradable. And the powder comes to you in a paper bag; no plastic bottles.

We’re not plastic-free due to the gloves and shower cap we supply with each dye. – We are trialling compostable plastic gloves – with mixed results as they need to be reasonably robust else they disintegrate during use. And we haven’t yet found an alternative to a plastic shower cap. But we’ll get there.

Our herbs are grown, transported and processed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. They are grown organically, widely recognised to be better for wildlife, biodiversity and soil health. We transport them by boat, not air, to our factory which is powered 100% by renewable energy.

Through carbon-offsetting, It’s Pure will be entirely carbon neutral by the end of 2023.

natural hair dye
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