Find Your Colour

Some important things to know before you colour your hair with It’s Pure:

  1. It’s Pure hair colour is 100% natural, made only from Ayurvedic herbs that impart vibrant colour.
  2. It’s Pure hair colour is good for your hair. Chemical dyes penetrate your hair and damage it. It’s Pure herbal colour coats your hair with pure plant pigments that give it volume and shine.
  3. It’s Pure cannot lighten your hair. Our 100% natural hair dye can colour your hair the same as it is now, covering grey, or colour it a darker shade.
  4. It’s Pure will give a colour that is unique to you. Your colour result depends on your current hair colour, the porosity of your hair and how long you leave the colour on for. We always recommend testing a strand of hair to check the colour before you colour it all.

The shade chart below gives an approximate guide as to what to colour to expect for different initial hair colours.

hair colour chart

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