Strawberry Blonde with Henna; This Summer’s Hottest Shade for Hair

Strawberry Blonde with Henna; This Summer’s Hottest Shade for Hair

Strawberry Blonde with Henna; This Summer’s Hottest Shade for Hair

One of the easiest, most on trend and best ways to use Henna is to create a gentle strawberry blonde type colour.
Famous for celebs like Rachel McAdams, Blake Lively and Cate Blanchett, strawberry is flattering on most skin tones and particularly as we age. It helps return colour to the face (which we lose as we get older) and is synonymous with youth and fun.

The trick to this mix is in the blend of Cassia and Henna - so make absolutely sure you do a strand test before applying a full head to be sure the mix is right for you. 


Remember, Henna results vary a lot based on the condition, length, and type of your hair, so a strand test is vital to get the shade you need.

PRO NOTE: As we always say, it’s not possible to lighten hair with Henna – if your hair is very dark, you may need a pre-lightener and you shouldn’t use Henna after bleaching, so speak to your hairdresser first. 

Darker hairs will find a gentle copper tint and golden lights – it may add depth to the colour but will not change the colour with this mix.



A good clarifying treatment is a great idea before you try this dye.  We advise using a Shikakai, mask which is deeply cleansing, without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

This way you have the cleanest start possible with no additional oil or product on the hair which may interfere with your result.

The Strawberry Blonde Hair Recipe:

The strawberry blonde result is created with a mix mainly consisting of Cassia (or neutral henna) which adds lovely golden lights, lemon juice for acidity and a splash of Henna.

You need to be super careful with the amount of Henna, even a smidge over will be too bright, so that strand test is critical.


· Wooden or Glass Mixing Bowl (never metal) and spoons
· Beeswax hair wrap
· 3 parts Cassia Powder
· ½  part organic Henna
· Juice of one lemon


1. Put the powders into a mixing bowl and add the lemon juice drop by drop. 
2. The mixture should not drip from the spoon but look like a thick paste that can be easily spreadable.
3. Pop in the fridge overnight to set.
4. Parting the hair into sections, brush, or comb henna into clean, dry hair.
5. Put a shower cap on and leave the henna mix on your hair for two hours.  Rinse well, then if more intensity is required, reapply after 72 hours (to allow the Henna to oxidise).

It’s vital to do a strand test to see how long your hair needs to go the colour you want and to get the blend right.  Our guide to ‘Things that can affect the result of your henna hair dye’ should help you.

For more advice on colouring your hair with organic henna, ask our hair colour experts now>

For an easier application, try our It’s Pure Organic Hair Dye in Strawberry Blonde.

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