How You Can Successfully Cover Grey Hair with Henna

How You Can Successfully Cover Grey Hair with Henna

Henna Hair Dye is a wonderful option for those with grey hair looking to cover, or blend their greys in a natural, organic way.

As hair loses its melanin (colour), it also becomes coarser, and may appear wiry or less healthy. Our organic Henna hair dye is packed with vitamin E, which is amazing for adding shine to hair.

Our hair also loses volume as we age, appearing thinner and breaking with ease.  Henna, with it’s natural plant extracts works beautifully with the keratin fibres that make up the hairs structure, thickening and bulking it up so it appears fuller and denser.

Covering grey hair with Henna is easy, but does require a few steps to get right, so our how-to should help it be done with ease.  Follow our simple how-to below for a flawless result every time.

1.     Choose the right shade

You can only go darker and warmer with Henna, but if you want a sunny result, look for a colourant with Cassia.

We have nine shades in the It’s Pure range – remember to check the description for the colour that works for you

2.     Pre-pigmenting works

If your hair is very grey, you will need to add some colour back in, before you can change the tone. This is called ‘pre-pigmenting’ by professionals.

It’s best to choose a red, or orange shade to do this – don’t panic, you’ll tone it down in the next step

3.     Do a Strand Test

Natural hair dye takes up to four hours to process and the colour up to 48 hours to settle (it changes as it oxidises), so it’s a good idea to take an area of hair at the back of the head, by the nape of the neck and test the colour result to be sure it’s the one you want.

4.     Give yourself time

If you’re using a 100% raw henna, you’ll need up to 12-hours to prepare it.  Whilst our It’s Pure Organic Hair Dyes are all ready to use in minutes, they do need time to process (check the guide in your dye kit, usually between 30 minutes and four hours).  If you need a second application you’ll need time.

Don’t worry though – the results are so worth it.

5.     Do it in sections

Mix your colour according to the dye, adding any additional conditioners you might need, or tints.  Then separate the hair into sections and clip them, using a brush to apply.  ALWAYS wear gloves and apply coconut or organic olive oil to the forehead and ears to avoid staining the skin.

6.     Cover the scalp

The colour permeates best when it’s kept warm and moist so wrap your head in a damp towel for up to four hours to ensure it fully develops

7.     Repeat after 48-hours

If you need to (and have pre-pigged the hair) re-do with the actual shade you want after 72 hours to get the result you need.  This also allows you to check for any variation in the colour, cover patches and add some extra shine if needs be.

We’d love to see your Henna Hair Colour results – tag us on Facebook @itspureorganic with your Henna Selfies! 

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